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Taiping Global Prime Medical Insurance Scheme (2020 Upgrade)

China Taiping Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited (here in after "the Company") specially recommend you and your family — Taiping Global Prime Medical Insurance Scheme (2020 Upgrade) (here in after "Taiping Global Prime"). This medical scheme provides you a series of comprehensive global medical cover, allowing you to enjoy high-end medical services at all times with different combinations and reasonable premiums.

While facing unexpected injury and health threatening, a professional and comprehensive medical insurance scheme could help you out and support you and your family.


Plan Feature

v  Comprehensive Medical Coverage & High Compensation

Overall Annual Maximum Limit up to HK $25,800,000*1, Basic Benefits are providing cover up to the age of 100.

Regardless of individual subsequent health conditions and claims history, renewal is guaranteed renewable*2 to the age of 99.

Unlimited lifetime*3 coverage through its Basic Benefits and most Optional Benefits.

Advanced medical treatment at top institutions in Asia or even Worldwide without worrying about high medical cost.

To meet your actual needs, we provide 3 different plans covering global scale for you to choose from.

In addition to covering the Basic Hospitalization and Surgical Benefits, there are Optional Benefits such as Pharmacy, Dental or Maternity Benefits regardless of the Area of Cover.

Covering immunotherapy and hormonal therapy*4

Enjoy the standard private room regardless of your option of coverage.


v  Worldwide Professional Medical Network and High Quality Service

Global medical network of over 1,210,000 professional medical institutions worldwide, dedicated to serve every customer.

Professional medical team with high-end services, providing you with the latest advanced medical technology and Second Opinion.

Strong global rescue, anytime, anywhere, for your urgent use and support.

Together with China's largest high-end medical insurance service provider*5  in 2016 - MSH China, we provide you with top quality service.


v  Cashless Hospitalization Arrangement

Once approved, no deposit is required for confinement anywhere in the world and no claim procedure is required after discharge.

Furthermore, strong medical network including not only clinics but also Hong Kong's high quality private hospitals and medical centers.


v  No Claim Annual Deductible Bonus*6:

If no claim is made under the stated condition, the insured person will be eligible for 10% discount on annual deductible for the next policy anniversary, the discount will be accumulated annually until the annual deductible equals to zero (0).

Premium rate will be the same all the time.


Basic conditions:

Entry Age: Fifteen (15) days to Seventy (70) years old

          [Eighteen (18) to Forty-five (45) years old for Optional Maternity Benefits]

Coverage Period: One (1) year and guaranteed renewable*2 to the age of ninety-nine

                [Guaranteed renewable*2 to Fifty (50) years old for Optional Maternity Benefits]

Payment Method Policy: Annual Payment

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar



*1 The Basic Benefits subject to overall annual limit of HK $25,800,000.

*2 Subject to the terms and conditions of this Policy, the Policyholder has a guaranteed right to renew this Policy. The Company reserves the right to cease offering this insured plan, revise the benefits, premiums and other terms and conditions of this Policy. If the Company decide to cease offering this insured plan, the Company will endeavour to transfer the Insured Person to another available medical insurance plan.

*3 For Insured Person(s) over 99 years old, the renewal terms would be subject to underwriting case by case.

*4 Immunotherapy and hormonal therapy for the Treatment of cancer, the Company will only pay up to maximum of eighty percent (80%) of relevant Eligible Expenses.

*5 Information from the Official Web site of MSH China 2017.

*6 Not applicable for No Deductible Plan.


Plan Contents


Premium Table - (Non-smokers, and selected ages for example)

Customer Service Hotline Tel: 3716 1616

Remind: The information contained in this pamphlet is designed to serve as an introduction only. For all relevant clauses and details, please refer to the insurance contract.


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