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Accidental Emergency Medical Insurance

China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Limited (‘‘the Company’’) is authorized by the International

Health Exchange and Cooperation Centre, Ministry of Health, P.R. China (for Gold Card) and the

Health Department of Guangdong and Fujian Provinces (for Blue Card) to issue “Accidental

Emergency Medical Insurance Card” (“Emergency Card”), which gives you 100% confidence

of cover.

Plan Highlights

The Biggest Hospital Network, Assures You Free of Worries

In the event of the Insured encountering accident in Mainland China, upon presentation of the

Emergency Card, immediate medical treatment will be rendered by the Hospital Network

without deposit payment.  A large Hospital Network would provide you with adequate and

comprehensive protection.


Dual Currency Policy, Freely Choose

You can choose the Policy HKD or RMB.


No Restriction on Age and Occupation

This plan is available to anyone who holds a Hong Kong Identity Card or Macau Identity Card or Permit for Taiwan Compatriot or Foreign Passport. Any age and occupation is acceptable.


Unlimited Journey, Free Duration of Stay

You need not worry about how frequent you travel or how long you stay, your every single trip is well covered.


Free 24-hour Emergency Assistance Service, unlimited coverage for “Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation” 

and “Repatriation of Mortal Remains or Ashes”

 Schedule of Benefits

Territorial Scope: Mainland China (Exclude Hong Kong SARMacau SAR & Taiwan)

Maximum Benefit (HKD/RMB)
Standard Plan
Deluxe Plan
1.       Personal Accident 
If the Insured suffers death or disablement caused by an accident within the Mainland China, the benefits will be paid subject to the maximum benefit of the respective plan.
(1) Death
(2) Permanent Total Disablement
(3) Loss of two limbs or Loss of sight of both eyes
(4) Loss of one limb and Loss of sight of one eye
(5) Loss of one limb or Loss of sight of one eye
The aggregate of all benefits payable in respect of any one accident shall not exceed 100%.
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
2.       Accidental Emergency Medical Expenses
(1) Accidental Emergency Medical Expenses
In the event that the Insured suffers accidental bodily injury resulting in emergency medical treatment at the Hospital Network immediately, the Company will reimburse the Accidental Emergency Medical Expenses, including out-patient and hospital confinement.
(2) Follow Up Expenses
Reimbursement for Eligible Expenses arising from follow-up medical treatment of same Accident by the Insured within 30 days at the Hospital Network in the Mainland China or of his return to Hong Kong SAR is also allowed. 
In respect of any one Accident, these follow-up expenses include the Chinese Bonesetter treatment expense which is limited to HKD/RMB500 (HKD/RMB100/day) and Physiotherapy or Chiropractic treatment expense which is limited to HKD/RMB1,000 (HKD/RMB150/day).
3.       Replacement of Travel Documents
Reimbursement for the fee of obtaining replacement of travel documents lost as a result of theft, robbery, burglary or accident.
Not Applicable
4.       24-hour Emergency Assistance Service
(1)         Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation
(2)         Repatriation of Mortal Remains or Ashes
(3)         Compassionate Visit
A Round Trip Economy Class Air Ticket
(4)         Return of Unattended Dependent Child(ren) (under the age of 18)
One Way Economy Class Air Ticket
(5)         Deposit Guaranteeing of Hospital Admission(applicable to Non Hospital Network in the Mainland China)
(6)         Hotline Assistance and referral Services
Hospital Network information, Emergency Travel Service Assistance, Lost Luggage Assistance, Pre-trip information Services, Legal Referral, Interpreter Referral, Embassy Referral and Medical Services and Referral, Arrangement of Hospital Admission.

① If the Insured engages in any of the types of work listed below (whether on a temporary or permanent basis), no benefit shall be payable under Personal 

Accident Section for death or Permanent Total Disablement which results from or is caused directly or indirectly by an Accident whilst:

.Taking part in performing entertainment or film/television production or stuntman or martial acts fighter driving commercial 

vehicle  working at height exceeding 30 feet above ground or floor level or excavations in any part of a depth of 20 feet from 

the surface .working on board or terminal  working on a construction site  Using of machinery driven by steam, gas, water, 

electricity or other mechanical power or machinery for cutting or pressing metal or plastic.In the event of the death of the Insured 

caused by Accident resulting from any of types of work as mentioned above, the company will pay HKD/RMB20,000(Standard 

Plan) or HKD/RMB50,000(Deluxe Plan) as an Accidental Death Allowance to the Insured‘s legal /appointed beneficiary.

 Premium Table
Period of Insurance
Premium (HKD/RMB)
Blue Card
(Guangdong & Fujian Provinces)
Gold Card
( Mainland China)
Standard Plan
Deluxe Plan
Standard Plan
Deluxe Plan
30 days
90 days
180 days
One-Year Period
Two-Year Period
Three-Year Period

General Exclusions

The Company will not be liable for death or bodily injuries and expenses arising out of or in consequence of:

  .war, hostilities or warlike operations, loss or damage from Act of Terrorism, civil war, rebellion, strikes, riotsor caused 

   by or contributed to by or arising from ionizing radiations or contamination by radioactivity from anynuclear fuel or 

   from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel. For the purpose of this exception combustion shall 

   include any self-sustaining process of nuclear fission.

  .taking part in any illegal act or activities.

  .engaging in sports or games in a professional capacity or where an Insured would earn income or remuneration 

   from engaging in sports.

  .participating in dangerous activities or sports.

  .willfully exposing himself to needless peril (except in an attempt to save human life) or suicide, self-destruction,self-

   inflicted injury or any attempt threat whether sane or insanepregnancy, childbirth, dystocia, abortion or miscarriage.

  .fighting, attack resulting from provocation or deliberate act of Insured or insanity, intoxication or use of drugs(other 

   than taken under a Medical Practitioner), rest cure or sanatorium care and dental treatment (except as necessitated 

   by accidental injuries to sound natural teeth).

  .engaging in any form of aerial flight or air travel other than as a passenger in a properly licensed multi-engined 

   aircraft being operated by a licensed commercial air carrier or owned and operated by a commercial company.

  .venereal disease or HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and/or any HIV related illness including AIDS 

   (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and/or any mutant derivative or variations thereof howsoever caused.

  .pre-existing illness or bodily injury.

 Claims Procedure

Personal Accident

  1.A claim should be informed in writing immediately to the Company within 30 days after the accident.

  2.A claim must be submitted with supporting documents including medical reports issued by a medical practitioner 

           giving details on the nature of the injury and the extent of disability, evidence from the official authorities concerned 

           such as police reports and if death shall have resulted, original of the death certificate and the relevant coroner’s 



Accidental Emergency Medical Expenses

  1.If the Insured is admitted to the Hospital Network as an in-patient due to accidental bodily injury, the Insured is 

           allowed to waive any hospital admission deposit provided that he/she presents a valid Emergency Card to hospital 

           for examination, the Company will settle the relevant medical expenses to the Hospital Network directly. 

           Nevertheless, the Insured reimburse or shall be responsible for payment of any medical expenses which exceed 

           the maximum benefit or are not covered in this Policy.

  2.If the Insured is admitted to the Hospital Network as a out-patient due to accidental bodily injury or without 

           presenting the Emergency Card, the Insured needs to pay the emergency medical expenses and then can submit 

           directly to the Company a completed claim form as provided by the Company within 30 days after the accident, 

           together with original payment receipts with detailed breakdown of expenses from the Hospital Network, and original 

           medical certificate issued by the attending medical practitioner and original report issued by the official authorities 

           concerned or evidence of the alleged accident.

Replacement of travel documents
The Insured must report to the local police within 24 hours after the occurrence of losses and provide relevant reports together with a receipt for obtaining replacement of travel documents.

Important Notes                                          

  1.If the Insured loses the Emergency Card or wishes to change the personal details on the card, a written notification to 

           the Company is requested. A new card is therefore issued for supplement subject to a handling fee of HKD/RMB100 

           charged to the Insured.

  2.The Insured may cancel this insurance by written notification to the Company and returning the Emergency Card and 

            Policy, the balance of premium for the unexpired period of Insurance will be made subject to the following conditions:

               . For 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and one-year insurance policy, no premium is refundable.

               . For two-year insurance policy, the part of premium of the second year of the policy is refundable if the notice 

                    of the cancellation to the Company is given in the first-year of the policy; if the notice of cancellation is given 

                    in the second year, no premium is refundable.

               .For three-year insurance policy, only the part of premium of the balanced two years of the policy is refundable 

                    if the notice of cancellation to the Company is given in the first year of the policy; if the notice of cancellation is 

                    given in the second year of the policy, the premium of the third year is refundable; if the notice is given in the 

                    third year, no premium is refundable.

  3.All first treatment for bodily injury must be attended by a Medical Practitioner at the Hospital Network in the Mainland China.

  4.All Premium and claim payments will be made in insured currency. If RMB is required to convert into HKD, the applicable rate is determined by the Company.

List of Hospital Network (Chinese Version Only)


Gold Card Accidental_Emergency_Medical_Insurance_-_Gold_Card

Blue Card Accidental_Emergency_Medical_Insurance_-_Blue_Card


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* The information contained in this website is a general summary. All terms and conditions are set out in the policy.

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